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Here are ways you can bring fun learning
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Sponsor any of our annual events

Children's Day Funtopia

This event is celebrated in Nigeria and Kenya in comme-moration of the Children's Day celebration on the 27th of May and 1st of November respectively. Kids stand a chance to win exciting prizes by unlocking special badges and coins on our learning products. They also get a chance to engage with other kids through fun activities at our Physical and Virtual Funtopia events.

Christmas Treasure Hunt

An exciting learning adventure for kids to celebrate the magic of Christmas! They unlock special Christmas badges on our learning products which qualifies them to participate in the treasure hunt, by finding special items hidden in various images across our products! The best part? They win exciting Christmas presents!

Holiday Adventure/Back to School

When school closes, how do we ensure parents can keep their children learning new things while having fun at the same time? Through our Holiday Adventure!
In Nigeria from August to September, kids can play our games, unlock badges and learn new and exciting fun facts about various topics, as well as winning fun back to school items!. It's also a great way for parents to spend quality time with their kids.

Sponsor an Exclusive Learning Challenge

Learning Challenge

Learning Challenges are activities that run every month, where we provide a guide for kids as they practice and build their skills on our products.
It helps them set an exciting goal for their learning each month and gives them an opportunity to track their progress! You can partner with us to sponsor a customized learning challenge for kids in any month of your choice.


Community Rewards

As kids participate in various activities within our community they earn various points that can be converted to useful products and services for their learning journey!
Do you have exciting products that are beneficial to kids and their development, you can offer them as rewards to members of our community

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